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At Pursuit Hemp Farms, we are leaders in custom hemp farming and planting in the midwest! We grow and help others grow too!

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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. we are a small family farm that prides ourselves on hard work and producing the highest quality products. everything we sell or carry is third party tested and we personally use our products as well. Thats why we are confident in what we are selling will work for you. we carry that same thought process into the farming side we use the same equipment that we sell.

always striving to make better products and push new technology into the farming industry any way we can.

Why grow hemp?

Growing and farming Hemp for profit has become very popular in the U.S. For years, farmers have grown Hemp to harvest the actual biomass and fiber of the plant for many uses such as textile. More recently, there has been a big shift of farmers who are growing Hemp or for the Cannabidoil (CBD) which is the oil produced by the Hemp flower. Because of recent changes in regulations, CBD is becoming more widely used in the United States from common household use to treating medical symptoms such as epilepsy in children.

We’ll help you grow

We’ll provide the insights

you need to get started on the right foot!

Or we can plant it for you! Your choice (and place!).

Interesting facts about the growing industry of hemp

  • Hemp enriches the soil where it’s grown.  It even holds the soil together, and increases its microbial content.
  • Hemp absorbs toxic metals. it can eliminate toxins and radioactive material from the environment.
  • Hemp seed contains a nutrient that’s also in breast milk.
    Hemp seed oil has other omega-3 and 6 fatty acids as well, which makes it more healthy than most varieties of vegetable oil.
  • Hemp’s popular for home building because walls made from hemp are rot-free, pest-free, mold-free and fire-resistant. Oh, and they can last up to 500 years.
  • Hemp can be used for fuel! The oil from hemp seed can be converted into biodiesel that’s biodegradable and non-toxic; the fermented stalk can be made into ethanol and methanol.

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